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Andrew Richter

Jun 27, 2021

This week we welcome Don Fernstrom to the podcast. Don is a Vietnam Veteran who honorably served our country. We sit down to talk about the Vietnam War and life afterwards.

In 1963, the Prime Minister of South Vietnam was assassinated. President Kennedy authorized a build up of troops to keep the North from taking it over and declaring the whole thing a communist country.

Don started in Germany, making sure that the Soviets didn’t come across the Czech border, when he got reassigned to Vietnam.

The next 13 months would be culture shock to a twenty-something young man. But when he came home, it never left him. He had to fight through people’s perceptions, readjusting to civilian life, and building a life after going through the unimaginable.

Our veterans struggle with PTSD, isolation, and shame. They are nothing short of heroes. Make sure you listen to this podcast and share it far and wide. We need to honor our vets.

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