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Andrew Richter

Jul 24, 2021

The Civil War is such a defining period in American history, but our schools are teaching it less and less. Lucky for you, Andrew wrote a book on the subject (Blue and Gray Forever- find it on Amazon). How much do you know about the events that led up to and defined the war? We all know that the battle over slavery was a huge part of it, but there's so much that doesn't get discussed. 100% of the casualties were American. It was a sad and bloody time in our history, but unfortunately it was necessary to give freedom to men and women that should never have been enslaved to begin with.

Did you know about these pre-Civil War events:

During the Mexican American War, the United States took Mexico City in 1854, then gained California as part of the settlement of the war.

Henry Clay devised much of the Compromise of 1850. It was passed as six separate measures, instead of one big law. California was added as a free state, but there were also no restrictions on slavery in the south and the Fugitive Slave Law was also passed, where runaway slaves to the north were supposed to be returned to their masters.

 In 1856, war broke out in Kansas. The 36/30 line to divide slave and free (from the Missouri Compromise) was repealed in the Kansas Nebraska Act… and this may have been the deciding act that sent the whole country into war.

There were many fierce battles in the war that live on in our memories today. Many Americans died, and we were never so divided. Fort Sumter, Battle of Bull Run, Shilo, Antietum, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and more created heroes that made future presidents. This was a defining period of American history, of which the shockwaves are still felt today.
Tune in for this in-depth talk on something I hope we never see again.