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Andrew Richter

Feb 26, 2021

Well, we're back for episode two... I guess that means this is a thing now. Next up on on this eclectic list of interviews is former Crystal City Councilmember, occasional blogger, political commentator, and troublemaker, Jeff Kolb. No subject is safe. No cow is sacred. Is the caucus system or the primary going to prevail? What keeps happening with all of the Republican losses and why we keep celebrating these candidates (and party officials) that can't win? Governor Tim Walz won't give up his death grip on his emergency powers. We discuss his handling of the COVID pandemic, and if freedom is ever going to come back. How do his merry band of henchman hold up? How did the Republicans respond? What is the state of the MNGOP, looking into the future? You want opinions? Well, we've got 'em!