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Andrew Richter

Jan 12, 2022

Nathan M Hansen, attorney, blogger, an irregular to the powers that be, and defending the constitution stops by this week for a chat.

Nathan started his own law practice, and brings a wealth of experience in some very interesting cases. He has been able to follow his passions in defending liberty for the little guy.

He defended a farmer that was being prosecuted for producing raw milk. He unsealed Kieth Ellison’s divorce records on behalf of Alpha News.

We get the behind-the-scenes on the Carson v Simon race (which he represented) that ended up protecting election integrity in MN.

Nathan gives us his take on what we’ve gone through with the pandemic, the control structure, and the suppression that has occurred in the media. We even rope in Tuberculosis and the Rockefellers.

We also talk crime, police, and the strategy for control over you and me. This is a fascinating podcast.

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