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Andrew Richter

Sep 3, 2022

We welcome our good friend, “The Closer” Brad Carlson from 1280am The Patriot. This week it’s all about the the Minnesota Vikings. They were a dangerous team that were notoriously tough. They had 4 Superbowls under their belt, which was hardly rivaled in the NFL. What happened? It’s been 45 years and not only have they never come back to the big show since, but the rest of the league has pretty much caught up.

This team has made it to six NFC Championship since, been favored in many, and have always managed to screw it up. 2009 was one of those promising years. The Vikes drafted Percy Harvin. They had Adrian Peterson, Greg Lewis, Jerrod Allen, Bernard Berrian, EJ Henderson, and lots more talent. They didn’t have a strong solution at QB, as it looked like Sage Rosenfels was going to be the guy. Then Brett Favre appeared out of nowhere and all bets were off.

They started 6-1, and then Favre walked back into Lambeau Field for the first time and dealt the Packers a huge defeat. Needless to say, they had a great season and set the Vikes up for a strong Super Bowl run. Bountygate made us all scream for justice. We all know what happened in the end, but we give you one heck of a retelling.


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