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Andrew Richter

May 10, 2023

Well, well, well... the MN Legislature and Governor Walz have sure been busy since January. Walz keeps referring to this "mandate" Democrats have to get things done. You mean the one vote majority in the senate and six seats in the house? Yeah, while the Democrats are engaging in a scorched earth policy to cram their radical agenda down everybody's throats, they are leaving half of the state disenfranchised. Our government must be held accountable, but they are acting as if they are in control forever. They have passed the trans refuge law (after an unconstitutional executive order) that thumbs the collective nose of the state government at parents and other states. They have outlawed conversion therapy, using shock therapy as a red herring. They have allowed driver's licenses for all, including illegal immigrants. This is meant to complicate our election system. Legal pot is coming. All abortion is legal. They are also coming after leal firearms with universal background checks (background checks are already mandatory) and red flag laws. There are also new taxes coming for the average citizen. Had enough? This is not what the majority of MN wanted, and now we are all paying for it. Join Andrew and JDB III Jr for this come to Jesus meeting.