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Andrew Richter

Mar 18, 2021

Rob Doar is visiting from the Minnesota Gun Owner’s Caucus. The caucus exists to defend 2nd Amendment issues, and Minnesota has had their share. Rob works with the MN Legislature to watch over firearms issues that come up in legislation and discussion. COVID has had a negative effect, making it harder to speak to...

Mar 11, 2021

Andrew invites (from am1280 The Patriot) “The Closer”, Brad Carlson to discuss the World Series Champion 1987 Minnesota Twins. This was a magical year to be a Minnesotan. We’ve lost so much over the decades and this year changed everything.

There were some strategic trades like Jeff Reardon and Dan Gladden that...

Mar 3, 2021

You’ve heard of Libertarians, but what do they believe? They don’t get much press and both major parties try to make them look crazy.

Third parties need to get 5% of the vote in an election to get ballot access versus needing hundreds of signatures while under 5%.

This week we bring in Chris Holbrook, chair of the...