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Andrew Richter

Aug 19, 2021

John Gilmore has written for Alpha news, The Hill, Frank Gaffney, The American Conservative, and has written a book about Michelle Bachmann (Bachmannistan: Behind the Lines). 

John has been called a “sad and hateful man” from Rep Ilhan Omar. That makes him a-ok in our book. John not only doesn’t care, but embraces, all of the name calling the left dishes out. He is a staunch defender of the first amendment, and his writings bear that out.

He challenges the status quo of our press and their lack of journalistic integrity. Our politicians are at best hypocritical, and at worst, engaged in deep levels of evil. Controlling people through masks, vaccines scares, stirring up hatred among people, and outright lying to steer the unthinking masses into their globalist plans, they need more people like John to call them out.

Read more at his blog: