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Andrew Richter

Sep 23, 2021

Baseball guru and friend of the show, Brad Carlson (The Closer on 1280am The Patriot) is back on the show to discuss the 1991 Championship Minnesota Twins, following up on the talk we had on Episode 4 (the '87 Twins). We’ve been waiting longer than any other of the major metropolitan area with all four major sports.

The team was almost completely different from the 87 Twins, which isn’t very common for two championship teams that are close together. They were last in their division in 1990, so no one saw this coming.

The Twins made some good trades to end up with guys like Rick Aguilara, Kevin Tapani, Chili Davis, and Mike Pagliarulo. Add that to players like Puckett, Hrbek, and Gladden (with a little bit of good fortune) and you have a recipe for greatness.

ESPN called this the “greatest World Series of all time” Come relive this amazing year with us!