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Andrew Richter

Oct 20, 2021

Ron “The Numbers Guy” Stoffel has been a friend of the show for many years. He’s become an expert in how the school systems work. That’s no easy task. He was a big part of the organization that put a stop to one of ISD 281’s referendums in 2007. The district came back a year later to rebrand it and bully the group into the courts to pass the referendum just a year later.

The funding of education is, purposely, so complex. There are local, state, and federal monies. Those monies can be affected by Average Daily Membership, special education, free and reduced lunch, equity… it’s a complete mess.

All of education seems to be a mess, in fact. We look into graduation rates, declining enrollment, Comprehensive Sex Ed, race, gender, fighting, loss of teacher authority… We try to solve the world’s problems (or at least the educational world) in this podcast. Join the discussion!