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Andrew Richter

Mar 3, 2021

You’ve heard of Libertarians, but what do they believe? They don’t get much press and both major parties try to make them look crazy.

Third parties need to get 5% of the vote in an election to get ballot access versus needing hundreds of signatures while under 5%.

This week we bring in Chris Holbrook, chair of the MN Libertarian Party.  He didn’t start out political, but he found the Libertarian Party through disappointment with both parties. Shortly thereafter, he was running for governor. In fact, he was errantly arrested in Minneapolis for collecting signatures to get on the ballot. It was trial by fire, but it led him to become the Chair of the MN state party.

There are so many challenges to third parties gaining any ground. There’s no money for them, and the main parties get all of it. They struggle to get on the ballot. They have to convince people that they aren’t throwing away their vote.

We discuss Libertarian ideals on education, taxes, governance, drug policy, the Met Council, COVID, George Floyd, censorship... and realize that maybe we’re all really not that far away from each other.