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Andrew Richter

Sep 8, 2022

Hugh McTavish is running to be the governor of MN. His career path has led from biochemist to patent lawyer. He has patents for drugs that are going through clinical trials in treating Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and cold sores.

He is running on an idea called “Jury Democracy”, which would put random citizens from across the state on call to sit on a jury to hear about certain legislation that lawmakers are trying to pass. Then based on secret ballot, it gets passed on to the governor to sign… or not. Hugh brings facts and figures to the table that create some interesting ideas on a completely different approach to governing.

He also has some other creative solutions, like a unicameral legislature (one house), a petition process for residents to introduce legislation for consideration, and increasing available untouched wild lands.

He also discusses another idea “Governing For Hapiness”. By tracking depression, loneliness, and happiness, he proposes that we can govern more justly and become a more optimistic society.

This podcast will challenge your preconceptions and really make you think. You can find out more at