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Andrew Richter

Apr 20, 2023

This week we invite Bill Sankey to the show. Bill has been an electrician for 25 years. We’re told by everyone in the educational system that we have to attend a 4 year university in order to be something in this world.

We need to have people in the trades to make the world go, and the schools haven’t been pushing it, despite the great money people in the trades can make. Not to mention, these little to no debt after school!

The Baby Boomers are leaving the trades in droves as they reach the retirement age. We need our young people to get into these jobs in a big way. The issue is that there’s no vehicle in the schools to find out what kids are actually interested in. Why can’t they be shown different possible careers to see what they like?

Come join the discussion and let us know where you land and what your ideas are regarding 2 and 4 year schools, apprenticeships, and blue versus white collar work.