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Andrew Richter

Mar 18, 2021

Rob Doar is visiting from the Minnesota Gun Owner’s Caucus. The caucus exists to defend 2nd Amendment issues, and Minnesota has had their share. Rob works with the MN Legislature to watch over firearms issues that come up in legislation and discussion. COVID has had a negative effect, making it harder to speak to senators and representatives when things come up. 

Firearms are such a hot button issue, and the argument gets heated on both sides. When did gun regulation begin? Why? The regulation issue has been a slippery slope ever since. Anti-gun activists have pressed harder and harder to get more legally owned guns out of the hands of law abiding people. Shall not be infringed? That what our Bill of Rights says, but that’s no longer the standard. 

Opponents of firearm ownership call for greater background checks. How does that compare with the checks they do now? Politicians and activists cry out every time there is an incident with a firearm (except in Chicago). What has the gun control crowd done to push their narrative? What kinds of new restrictions are coming down the pike? What are red flag laws? Why are the figures not what they want you to think? How can we fight back against the encroachment of our 2nd Amendment rights? 

You can check them out and become a member at: