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Andrew Richter

May 4, 2021

This week we welcome writer, freelance journalist (NYT, WAPO), and former professor, Ann Bauer, to the podcast. (

Ann Bauer is the author of Wild Ride Up the Cupboards (a novel inspired by raising her son). She also wrote the culinary memoir Damn Good Food with Mitch Omer (owner of Hell’s Kitchen) at the behest of the Minnesota Historical Society. The Forever Marriage is about a friend of hers that was married to a man she didn’t love, but found out that he had an inoperable, fatal, disease, and stuck it out with him. She has also written many essays for the New York Times, Washington Post, Redbook , and others.

She stopped writing after the death of her oldest son, and decided that she wanted to fade out of the public eye. That worked until COVID hit. They shut down society and when they closed the schools, she spoke out on Twitter. That brought down a whole storm of criticism and insults as the cancel crowd came for her.

Anne has been speaking out since, and has found that those she thought were her friends turned on her and those that she thought would have never agreed with her have come to support her.

She has made it her mission to keep the government from using this pandemic to control us, first and foremost, getting the  schools back in session to give this lost generation back their shot at success in life.