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Andrew Richter

May 9, 2021

Governor Walz shut down the entire state for COVID in March of 2020. Youth sports were affected, but were treated very differently once things started to reopen. Golf, working out, and professional sports went on and youth sports continued to be held hostage despite the science saying that kids are less susceptible to the spread of the disease.

The government has been meddling and trying to pull strings behind the scenes. The Department of Health instructed the Minnesota High School League that they could not have football and volleyball. They had initially cancelled it until Governor Walz tried to wash his hands of the situation. Then they went back and reversed their decision. The Department of Health has also ignored mask-related injuries, as well as passing out and vomiting.

Why is the High School League so cozy with the Health Department? The executive board should be making these decisions, but it seems like executive director, Eric Martins, has been calling the shots.

There is a trail of emails (8000 pages) that paint a picture of government incompetence and willful ignorance. They honed in on some industries (like bars and restaurants) and ignored others (like retail). They twist and turn the meaning of words (like “outbreak”) into misleading definitions.

We’ve been told that the more unhealthy we are, the greater chance that COVID will be more severe. Yet, we make children sit out and not practice instead.

What are we doing to our children? Why are they acceptable collateral for poor planning or purposeful dishonesty? We need answers and we need to stay vigilant in breaking down the walls between what is fact and what is government slight of hand.

Sam, as the legal counsel for Let Them Play MN, is attempting to get relief from these onerous restrictions, to allow for kids to be able to play sports without masks, that government is not allowed to make false allegations, or to make COVID a political issue. Where’s the press? I guess we’ll just have to do it.