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Andrew Richter

Aug 28, 2021

Nick Anaya has had a life-long love of sports. He grew up playing basketball, baseball, and football, and was introduced to fantasy football at age 11. Back in those days, the scoring was done by hand, and you had to look in the newspaper to get all of the stats. You had to call the “League Commissioner” to make...

Aug 19, 2021

John Gilmore has written for Alpha news, The Hill, Frank Gaffney, The American Conservative, and has written a book about Michelle Bachmann (Bachmannistan: Behind the Lines). 

John has been called a “sad and hateful man” from Rep Ilhan Omar. That makes him a-ok in our book. John not only doesn’t care,...

Aug 5, 2021

AJ is a former writer for the St Cloud times, congressional candidate, and independent researcher.

She lived in Iran for awhile as a teenager, and brings a unique perspective to the government’s push for refugee resettlement. She discusses how our government has promoted certain groups without addressing the way that...