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Andrew Richter

Aug 28, 2021

Nick Anaya has had a life-long love of sports. He grew up playing basketball, baseball, and football, and was introduced to fantasy football at age 11. Back in those days, the scoring was done by hand, and you had to look in the newspaper to get all of the stats. You had to call the “League Commissioner” to make roster moves and declare your starting lineup. My, how times have changed.

What is the difference between a snake draft and an auction draft? What is a PPR league versus touchdowns? We look at the options for this year’s draft. Who’s hot, who’s not, and who is a potential sleeper? Are there any big rookies to watch out for?

2022 Predictions:
AFC: Browns vs Chiefs
NFC: Rams vs Bucs

Fantasy football has become a huge pastime, as football is truly an American obsession. If you take part, or just want to learn, this show will get your appetite up.