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Andrew Richter

Feb 20, 2021

Yes, it's that Andrew Richter... no, not that one, not the sidekick of the talk show host... yeah, the guy from the Community Solutions podcast. No, he's not quitting that podcast (and in fact, Jason is in tow as producer extraordinaire), but he wants to expand your horizons with a number of other subjects that are near and dear to his heart. So, take some time and give it a listen. Pass the word if you think it's worth it.

On the pilot episode, Andrew invites his best friend, Kevin Lien, on to discuss all things gambling. Kevin is a professional poker dealer and has a great deal of knowledge around all sorts of games of strategy and chance. They discuss everything from sports betting, to poker, to scratch offs, to online gambling, and the effects of crypto on the business. There are a ton of great stories and you will leave understanding the line, covering the point spread, live betting, the over/under, and other important terms and strategies. Kevin also talks playing in professional poker tournaments, and the effects of COVID on the industry. 

You've got to tune in for this!