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Andrew Richter

Jun 12, 2021

This week we host Anne Taylor on the podcast. Anne has been at the forefront of family and educational issues for years. She has worked with groups like MN Advocates and Champions for Children and the MN Child Protection League.

She cut her teeth on the Common Core program that came down from the Federal Government through the Obama administration. Even for the states that didn’t accept it, it was already in the curriculum and states were threatened by having their funding withheld.

Things have only gotten worse over time and sped up in the swing to the left. Everything is racially charged, pro-transgender, and training kids how to be activists around current issues. Meanwhile, math, science, and reading standards have suffered.

Comprehensive Sex Ed is sitting in the MN House, and it’s bad, bad, bad news. It is less of “What’s happening to my body”, and more of a “how-to”, including exploring with whomever you might see fit.

This breakdown of the church and family is rotting our society from the inside out. People have stopped going to church, and because of that, we have forsaken everything that we’ve known in order to chase after empty and destructive pursuits. Abortion, critical theory, gender identity, and promiscuity are encouraged… and they are teaching your kids to be activists to support all of it.

Where do we end up? Are parents finally sick of it all enough to stand up and do something? It’s time to make a stand for what’s right. We need to see a movement toward a repopulation of our churches, a strengthening of our families, and a unified front to stand up against these oppressive beliefs.