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Andrew Richter

Apr 17, 2021

Rep Erik Mortensen was elected in 2020 to his first term in the Minnesota House, Representing HD55A, which is Shakopee, Louisville Township, and Jackson Township. He used to be apolitical, but after a horrific ordeal after starting a business, he decided to run for office.  When he learned that the people we are electing were actually harming the country, he was compelled to stand up and defend liberty.

He has been making waves recently, having introduced articles of impeachment against Governor Walz. This story goes back a year to the early days of COVID. No one seemed to know what to expect, as we all entered into this thing willing to try and stop the spread. It became very apparent super fast that the Governor was willing to take every liberty he could to restrict ours.

Rep Mortensen is convinced that Walz doesn’t ever want to go back to normal... henceforth, the articles of impeachment. It has five charges: 1)Failing to respect the separation of powers, 2)Inventing new penalties not approved by the legislature, 3)Closing churches, 4)Taking private property, and 5) Halting non-emergency medicine.

He also authored the “Never Again Bill”, which would make sure that: 1)The Governor could not unilaterally declare an emergency, 2)The Governor’s orders cannot be treated as law, 3)Punishes the Governor for violating the order he puts forth, and a 4)Citizens Bill of Rights.

He’s having a tough time finding Republicans that have the will to stand up for the rights of the people. In fact, the leadership in the House is actively working to make sure he can’t. He shares his story with us, which you’re going to have to hear to believe.