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Andrew Richter

Aug 5, 2021

AJ is a former writer for the St Cloud times, congressional candidate, and independent researcher.

She lived in Iran for awhile as a teenager, and brings a unique perspective to the government’s push for refugee resettlement. She discusses how our government has promoted certain groups without addressing the way that Christians, women, and gays, are treated. The Refugee Act of 1980 was designed to handle people who were fleeing Communism for the American way of life. Now we’re bringing in communists and socialists that are not interested in liberty or capitalism. 

The NGO’s that work with the UN are stationed in these countries and are hand picking the refugees that are being brought over. Because they are running public private partnerships, there is no accountability of the private organizations.

Rep Ilhan Omar was one of those refugees that has come here to demand that we change our ways in favor of Marxist philosophy. We discuss all this and more with AJ as she makes her case for our government to start showing more transparency and more actions that promote our liberty.