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Andrew Richter

Nov 19, 2021

Michael Brodkorb is the former deputy chair of the MNGOP. He has also served as field staff, communications staff, and research director for MNGOP. He has been involved in campaign work for many state and federal-level candidates (Boschwitz, Coleman, Kennedy, and more). Michael is now working a professional researcher. He also authored a book called The Girls Are Gone, about two girls that went missing in Lakeville, where some of the articles he was writing for the Star Tribune helped in their discovery.

Minnesota Republicans have lost 20 of the last 29 state-wide races. Al Quie (Governor) and David Durenberger (Senate) were the last two Republicans to get over 50% in a Governor or state-wide election.

Can the MNGOP learn from what happened in Virginia? Things aren’t looking good. The party hasn’t even communicated to the public in months.

Why is everything about COVID? They have a huge opportunity to discuss public safety, education, the economy, and others. Yet, these issues are going largely ignored. We'll talk about it, and why the GOP can't seem to capitalize on the best tail winds they've seen in a long time.