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Andrew Richter

Feb 5, 2022

Today, we bring you Kelly Gunderson, who’s expert political analysis will give us insight into what is happening in the current Minnesota legislative session.

We take a look at the Governor’s race, debate the candidates, their poll numbers, and what we expect out of the election.

We also vent about the inability of the Republicans to stop anything, as they make back room deals and pass omnibus bills with way too much in them.

The legislature is handling some crazy bills for this election season. They are holding on to billions of dollars of our money. They call it a surplus, we call it overtaxing. They may still introduce a bonding bill anyway. H.R. 2705 would require registration of all semi-automatic firearms to local law enforcement. On top on that there are education issues, the pandemic, taxes, and more. Join us for this great discussion!