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Andrew Richter

Dec 5, 2022

We welcome author Anne Bauer back to the show. Anne is no stranger to this podcast as a freelance journalist (NYT, WAPO), and former professor. We discuss a whole range of topics from modern medicine to the recent elections, education, certain illnesses starting with “C”, abortion, and more. We’ve talked with Anne extensively about the damage done to kids throughout Walz’s first term. We try to break down why the election results in Minnesota turned out the way that they did, despite the discontent of many parents across the state. The Democrats rallied over fully funding education, and  after the election have prioritized everything else. Why is that? Why does no one seem to care? We also discuss the recent changes in social behaviors with kids and adults. We are so divided and are at each others’ throats. Can we save our country from this direction we find ourselves headed in?

You can find Anne @annebauerwriter on Twitter