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Andrew Richter

Aug 2, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Brad Carlson “The Closer” from am 1280 The Patriot. Every time he’s on the show, you are assured of an in depth analysis of some facet of the sports world. This week it’s all Vikings … the Uncle Burnsie years.

Jerry Burns was the colorful head coach of the Vikings from ‘86-91. They started out as a talented team with the likes of Tommy Kramer, Anthony Carter, Chris Doleman, and Joey Browner. There were lots of ups and downs, an NFC championship game (with a dropped winning pass), and the worst trade in all of sports history.

The Vikings are a team that has been unable to manage big expectations throughout their history, but there were definitely some great games… and still so much trouble with the worst Packer teams in the history of their franchise. Randall McDaniel, Chris Doleman, Gary Zimmerman, Cris Carter, and John Randle all went to the Football Hall of Fame… and we’re still waiting for another shot at the Super Bowl.

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